Cinco de Mayo: My Culture Is Not Here For You To Laugh At

My culture is not here for you to laugh at. Cinco de Mayo, the Battle of Puebla. Mexican army defeats the French! But first, let me take you back…”Spanish Texas” as it was known then, was Spanish territory until Mexico won their independence, then it became “Mexican Texas” under Mexico rule Texas would welcome freed slaves, since Mexico had abolished slavery in 1829, Mexico made it illegal to own slaves and Texas would follow orders (this would change later when European/Anglo settlers like Stephen F. Austin would take control, and Texas rebels would fight against the Mexican govt, since they favored slavery, so think about that next time you say “Remember The Alamo” or “Come and Take It” – discussion for another day) The French heavily favored supporting the confederacy and slavery, especially in their territories along the borderlands, including both sides of the rio.β€” this is something to keep in mind when remembering the Battle of Puebla May 5th 1862. Mexico was independent and would not have the Spanish army to help them now, yet they beat the French on that day! It was a short lived victory but none the less a victory.

I understand that Texas and the U.S. have done a great job at white-washing our history books and robbing Latinos (Mexican Americans in the case of Cinco de Mayo) of an identity in our national conversation, to the point where we are so excited to get some love for our culture that we gladly celebrate days like the idea of ‘Cinco de Mayo’ (fake holiday created by a beer company) we, ourselves, even partake in sombreros and mustaches. I understand, but that is what being “woke” means, that you are enlightened, you have had an awakening. There was a time where maybe I wouldn’t have cared, but things changed, life changed, and over the last few years, I now care. I’m not saying we shouldn’t go out and have fun, I may even decide to attend festivities but I will also choose the beauty of my culture over the stereotype. I have a problem with someone turning my culture into a comical figure, which is then spread throughout the country. NO DOUBT I’ll see someone wearing a sombrero, drunk off margaritas in a few days. DON’T BE THAT PERSON. If they are going to commercialize my culture well let’s at least celebrate the beauty and break those negative stereotypes.



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